Let's Make a T-Shirt Together

2018FALL T-SHIRTweb.jpg
2018FALL T-SHIRTweb.jpg

Let's Make a T-Shirt Together


AGE / GRADE suggested age 12 and up
DATE(S) & TIME Mondays, October 8 - November 5, 6:00-7:30pm
INSTRUCTOR Lee Smith, seamstress & fiber artist

We will use a basic t-shirt pattern with stable fabrics, either a woven cotton or stable knits. You will learn how to size your pattern to your body and basic garment construction (including sleeves). You will decide on fabric, length, and sleeve length. This great place to get started on your self-made wardrobe.

You need basic sewing machine skills. You can use your own machine or one of the Arts Center’s.

We’ll show you many ways to customize your t-shirt. Sew fun!

Supply cost is $5 pattern fee and $15 fabric fee. You can provide your own fabric or use the one of the pieces provided by the instructor.

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