Summer Nature Poem Workshop

2017 SUMMER flyer PoemWEB.jpg
2017 SUMMER flyer PoemWEB.jpg

Summer Nature Poem Workshop

from 5.00

INSTRUCTOR(S): Kelly Maher
AGE / GRADE: Ages 5 and up
DATE / TIME: Saturday, June 24   1:00pm - 3:30pm
TUITION: $10 for ages 10 and up / $5 for kids under 10

Open to adults, children old enough to read & write, and families. Children under 8 should be accompanied by an adult. Adults accompanying young students should also register for the class.

What happens in the natural world in summertime, and how can you connect it to emotion, event, or memory to write original summer poems? Join local poet Kelly Hansen Maher for an afternoon of reading and writing seasonal poetry. The last 30 minutes will be a fun class reading.  

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Please Note: Cancellation fee policy of $15 per class plus 5% for tuition in excess of $100. The rest of tuition paid before cancellation can be refunded upon request.