Mark Rinehart's METALS IN MOTION, summer 2016

Mark Rinehart's METALS IN MOTION, summer 2016

Stewart Gallery

Formerly housed in the Community Center as the Mayor's Art Gallery, the Stewart Gallery has been a core component of the visual arts in Grinnell for over a quarter of a century.  

The gallery hosts a new show about once a month, featuring the work of local and regional artists as well as students from the community schools and our own Studio 6 program.

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 Variations On The Square

Artist statement by Jennifer Jones


In 2014, I made the decision to reclaim my childhood dream of being a full time working artist. 

The career shift, while liberating, was also an upheaval of sorts. Swimming and creative expression have always served as a way to clear and ground myself, so I instinctively redoubled my efforts in the pool and at the easel.  I found that these two activities supported me through the shedding of identity and allowed a deep healing process to begin.   My years in the pool have shown me that water has the capacity to neutralize negativity and provides solace and balance. Through my rededication to painting, I learned to trust my instincts, release embedded fear and completely give in to the process of creation itself.

My work consisted of primarily underwater scenes for over 18 months. I felt compelled to represent a great myriad of subjects moving through the water including, but not restricted to competitive swimmers, children, animals, and dancers.  I was and continue to be fascinated by figures and light refracting through water and strive to perfect its representation. I continue to execute large and smaller scale works refining my process of combining the images I collect with my underwater camera with collage work and manipulation of color with oils and acrylics on canvas and other supports.

Paradoxically, after spending January of 2016 in the beautiful waters of Belize the series “Dry Land Interiors” emerged. In addition to serving as a wonderful way to recount moments experienced on our journey, this series of 12”x12” canvases marked a departure from the larger scale predominately blue paintings. In between larger public projects and commissions, I continued working with the smaller square format and extended color palette. Various sub series emerged from this exploration, including; “Goat Sightings” , “Other People’s Pets” and “What Happens Next?”. 

As ever, I seem to be unable to stay out of the water for too long and found myself diving back into the depths with the beloved subjects of dancers and swimmers. As a result, the additional sub series; “Pioneer Propulsion”,  and “Poised Dynamics” evolved. The viewer may notice a different feel to these paintings as a result of black primed canvas support, further palette shifting and a nod to abstraction.

Thus, the collection, “Variations On the Square”, takes the viewer on a trip through my creative process and expression through exploration of color, composition, subject and display.