Many Pointed Star


  • Triangle pattern printed on cardstock (PDF below)
  • Duct tape or paint & brushes
  • Masking tape


  1. Cut out the triangles on the pattern. There are 30 triangles per page. You will need 60.
  2. Tape three triangles together to make 20 pyramids (without bottoms).
  3. Tape two sets of five pyramids together along bottom edges.
  4. On both sets, tape five more pyramids on the edges.
  5. Reinforce all the edges so that the star is solid.
  6. Cover the star with duct tape or paint.


  • Make sure there is plenty of tape on the edges so the star does not fall apart.
  • It helps younger kids to have cut out for them.
  • This project takes a lot of time.



Clay Suns


  • Slabs of clay

  • Extra clay for details

  • Cutting tools


  1. Cut a rectangle or square slab of clay for the base

  2. Cut a circle out of another slab of clay, which will be the middle of the sun.

  3. Add sun rays, a face and other details, making sure they are resting on the base or they will fall off

  4. Encourage the kids to use piece of clay to add details/texture rather than carving out details.

  5. Kiln fire, glaze, and fire again.


  • Looking at the picture, the suns aren't on bases. They may appear sturdy, but the sun rays kept breaking off. Building them on a clay slab base makes the suns sturdier.

Paper Bag Masks


  • Large paper bag, like those from grocery stores
  • Miscellaneous decorating materials
  • Scissors


  1. Open the bag and place over the child’s head. Mark where their eyes are on the front of the bag. On the sides, mark where the top of their shoulders are. Take the bag off.
  2. Cut out large holes where the eyes are marked as well as arches on the sides up to where the shoulder marks are.
  3. Lay the bag down and let the kid decorate the face.
  4. Put it back on and wear around.


  • Use the paper cut out from Step 2 to create little accessories or ears to glue onto the bag.


Floam is a fun science & art project. If you don't know what it is, it is like silly putty with styrofoam beads mixed in. You can't exactly sculpt with it because the putty is not stiff enough, but it's very fun to play with.


  • 3 cups styrofoam beads

  • 1/2 cup school glue

  • 4 tsp borax

  • 1 cup water

  • Large bowl to mix ingredients together

  • Small bowl

  • Food coloring



  1. Mix borax and water together in the small bowl.
  2. In the larger bowl, mix together the styrofoam beads, glue, and a few drops of food coloring.
  3. Stir in 6 TBSP of the borax/water mixture.

Paper Cutout Masks

paper cut out mask 2.JPG


  • Paper or cardstock in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Elastic string
  • Miscellaneous supplies for decorating


  1. Cut out a face of person, animal, etc. Don't forget to cut out eye holes, too!

  2. Punch one hole on the right side of the mask. Repeat on the opposite left side.

  3. Thread some elastic string through the holes and knot it. 

  4. Decorate the mask with anything.


  • The kids, especially the youngest group, had a fair amount of trouble with this project. It was difficult to make eye holes so that it actually worked as a mask. Have an adult cut the holes out. 

  • For the elastic, you may want to measure some around the wearer's head for reference of how much to use.