From gallery openings to theatre productions, maker workshops and beyond, we host a variety of events at the downtown Arts Center, The Stew, and other venues in town. 

Check back for ongoing updates!

August 22 - September 19. Jean Berry Retrospective. STEWART GALLERY.
Opening Reception & 81st Birthday Party for Jean: Thursday, August 22, 4 - 5pm.
Learn more about Jean’s work HERE and HERE.

September 8, 12pm. Jazz Brunch with Thrio. ARTS CENTER
Iowa City - based jazz combo Thrio returns to Grinnell, this time with a vibraphone player! We’ll serve some light brunch and coffee, bring your own food and drinks to supplement.

September 13, 7:30pm - Pink Neighbor Album Release Concert. THE LOFT THEATRE
Grinnell band Pink Neighbor releases their new album with a performance in the Loft. Featuring special guests Betty Moffett, Mark Laver, Yeardley, and more.

September 19, 5-6:30pm - Jean Berry Retrospective Closing Reception. STEWART GALLERY

Sept. 26 - Nov. 2. Anna Cowley Ford - Under Skin: Ceramic Studies of Chronic Migraine. STEWART GALLERY.
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 26, 5 - 7pm. Learn more about Anna’s work HERE.