2-color cutouts


  • Multi-colored paper
  • scissors
  • double stick tape and/or glue sticks


  1. Fold one piece of paper in half any way, corner-to-corner or end-to-end. 

  2. Still folded, fold in half again.

  3. Using scissors, cut out shapes as you would to make snowflake, being mindful to leave the general size of the paper the same. 

  4. Tape or glue the cut out to another piece of paper.

  5. To make a cutout with more than two colors, repeat steps 1-3 and glue each additional layer onto the first paper. 


  • Encourage as much cutting as possible! The more cut out, the more interesting the final product will be.

  • This is a great way to teach kids about complimentary colors.

3-color cutout

3-color cutout