Paper Cutout Masks

paper cut out mask 2.JPG


  • Paper or cardstock in different colors
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Elastic string
  • Miscellaneous supplies for decorating


  1. Cut out a face of person, animal, etc. Don't forget to cut out eye holes, too!

  2. Punch one hole on the right side of the mask. Repeat on the opposite left side.

  3. Thread some elastic string through the holes and knot it. 

  4. Decorate the mask with anything.


  • The kids, especially the youngest group, had a fair amount of trouble with this project. It was difficult to make eye holes so that it actually worked as a mask. Have an adult cut the holes out. 

  • For the elastic, you may want to measure some around the wearer's head for reference of how much to use.