Emotion Box Head

Front side of the flap


  • Boxes that will fit over the kids’ heads - the large Goldfish boxes worked well

  • Misc. Supplies (Paper, scissors, tape, glue, markers, etc.)

  • Duct Tape


  1. Cut 3 edges of one side of the box to make a flap.

  2. Open the flap and cover the hole with duct tape. 

  3. Cut out eye holes in the duct tape side. 

  4. With anything, create a face on the outer side of the flap showing one emotion.

  5. Create another face on the duct tape side with a different emotion.

  6. To use, put on head with flap closed. Open it up to see another emotion!


  • If the box doesn't easily fit over the child's head, cut a slit up the back of the box as shown in the picture below.

The inside duct tape face

View from the back